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The Lost Alien Encounters of 1973

Alien Encounters - Are They Real?

I was a radio disc jockey/announcer for twenty years encompassing that period and these audio clips were incorporated into a program originally broadcast once and only once in 1973. The master tape has been gathering dust in the bottom of a box in my basement for nearly thirty years. Now, I have decided to put the audio clips on the web for general interest info about UFO's. Each of these people were tracked down in 1973 by phone after reporting their sightings. The master reel to reel tape was brittle and required about fifty splices and tender care to reconstruct. Almost all cuts were recovered.

The clips are in Real Audio format

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As we mentioned, the audio clips are all related to 1973, but documented alien sightings go back a lot further.

1897 Sighting by Hundreds of People
This is thought to be the first well documented sighting of a UFO...and includes a purported crash sight and crash site examination.

In the spring of 1897 a cigar shaped object was seen by numerous Americans as it made it's way around the United States from San Francisco to Chicago. Hundreds lined the lake front to watch for it's appearance. Astronomers suggested that they were watching the bright star Big La goose. In April of that year, newspapers reported that a cigar-shaped spacecraft crashed into Judge J.F. Proctor's windmill and exploded. People around the town of Aurora, Texas rushed to see the wreckage where they said they found the body of a tiny pilot. It was examined and pronounced to be unlike any inhabitant of this world. A pilot's log of undecipherable writing was also mentioned in the original news dispatches along with the account of a Christian burial for the tiny space pilot by the townspeople.

In 1973 Dallas Times Herald reporter Bill Case dug beneath the site of the crash and found a number of metallic shards and took them to Dr. Tom Gray, a physicist at North Texas University. Dr. Gray reportedly stated that at least one of the strange pieces of metal had defied analysis. The reporter compared his metal detector readings from the crash site to those at the grave of the space pilot. The unusual signals were identical. The first documented American UFO sighting and crash remains a mystery after one hundred years. Do you suppose we could remove DNA from the remains of the pilot and check the mitochondrial DNA against the common human mitochondrial as described in Lloyd Pye's book "Everything you know is wrong" to see if indeed we are related/unrelated? According to Mr. Pye, everyone on earth can be traced that way back to the same mother. Do you have an encounter or comment you would like to share with us? comments

Another account of the incident was quoted like this; In the spring of 1973, the Dallas Times Herald ran some stories about a UFO "crash" in April, 1897. A small, shiny, "cigar-shaped" craft was said to have crashed into a windmill in Aurora, Texas. The strange craft's tiny pilot was said to have been "blown to pieces."

How did the Times Herald learn about the "crash"? Bill Case, a reporter, found the story in an 1897 Dallas newspaper. Later, Bill Case and a treasure-hunter named Frank Kelley went to the "crash site." They dug up a few scraps of "strange-looking" metal. By mid-June, news reporters, curiosity seekers, and UFO fans were piling into Aurora. A new interest in UFO's was born -- at least in that part of Texas.

Around the same time, Mrs. Marie Harris, of Garland, Texas, said that there was a strange thing growing in her backyard. It was "as big as a platter, foamy and creamy, and pale yellow." It also "pulsated like a beating heart." When Mrs. Harris hacked it with a hoe, it "bled," she said. Its "blood" was a red and purple goo.

People called it "The Blob." A biologist from the University of Texas called it a fungus. Finally, sunlight seemed to kill it.

A national news magazine linked the story of "The Blob" with the story of the old UFO "crash" at Aurora. That magazine story, surely, must have set great numbers of people thinking about visitors from outer space.

Audio Clips From 1973

A National Weather Service Meteorologist at Rochester Minnesota with 24 years service said that he came upon the weirdest formation he had ever seen. Leroy Martel was contacted and gave this account.

On Wednesday night, October 17th, 1973 in Evergreen, Alabama, a police dispatcher said she, three police officers, and a deputy sheriff all observed a UFO over city hall. Mrs. William Turner, the dispatcher gave this account.

On Oct 17th and 18th a rash of sightings took place near Houston, Texas. Red and Green blinking lights were reported to the local authorities and Ellington Air Force Base, near the manned spacecraft center. One UFO was reported by CBS right over a man's car as described by security officer Airman 1st class G. R. Bellet of Houston. The air force reported nothing unusual on radar near the location of the car.

The Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina was bombarded with sightings that fall and this clip represents just a small number of calls received on the evening of October 25th, 1973.

Most people are/would be reluctant to personally step forward to announce an encounter as described in this story.

Wednesday night, October 17th, 1973, policeman Jeff Greenshaw of Faulkville, Alabama, encountered an alien on foot after responding to a call about a spaceship with blinking lights. He said he found no spaceship, but did find a metallic looking creature in the middle of the road. The policeman got out of the patrol car reached back and got his camera and started taking pictures. Greenshaw added that the creature began running when he turned on the blue light atop his cruiser. The Alabama officer said "I jumped into my car and took off after him but I couldn't even catch up with him in my patrol car." Greenshaw said "he was running faster than any human I ever saw." The policeman noted the creature moved like a robot, made no sounds, had no features on it's face, and had a point on the top of it's head.

Wayne Lynch, a resident of the Spartanburg, S.C. area spotted seven UFO's flying in two or three minute intervals.



You may remember that it was October of 1973 that one of the most publicized purported abductions took place.

Charles Hixson, 42, and Calvin Parker, 19, shipyard workers in Pascagula, Ms. were sitting on the end of a dock fishing. The time was seven p.m. and the date was October 11th, 1973.

Calvin Parker - UPI Photo

Under hypnosis they revealed that some sort of fish shaped spacecraft approached the dock and they were taken up into the craft and examined. Officers said Parker reported he passed out when the three creatures emerged from the craft. He said he did not regain conscienceness until he was released back on the dock. Hixson estimated he and Parker were inside the unidentified craft for fifteen to twenty minutes. He told officers that he was placed on some kind of table and examined from head to foot with what he described as some kind of electronic eye. These men described the spacemen as silvery skinned creatures with big eyes, pointed ears and noses with just an opening for a mouth. They had hands like crab claws. Hixson and Parker also said the creatures had wrinkled skin and made a buzzing, humming sound.

Dr. John Sathco, a U.S.C. astronomer during that era had this to say about alien abductions.

Alien Spacecraft Audio?

Wednesday evening, October 24th, 1973 - Mt. Airy, North Carolina.

Police dispatcher Cathy Harris received a call that was the beginning of a really weird night for many of the towns residents. Berny Phillips, News Director at radio station WSYV in Mt. Airy explains from a recording made the day after the incident. Note: I was unable to salvage the last few seconds of this cut.

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